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Gift of Light Expo
March 14 & 15 2015
Columbus, OH
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Gift of Light Expo
March 28 & 29 - 2015
Cleveland, OH
Universal Gem Shows
June 28 & 29 OC, MD
Dec. 6 & 7 Cols, OH
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Angels & Aliens
Psychic Science & UFO Conference
October 11 & 12
Columbus, OH
The Mind Body Spirit Experience for over 15 years!
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
   -- Mahatma Gandhi
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Holistic Healing
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Angels and Aliens
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About Us / Our Mission
Be a Speaker at Gift of Light
The Gift of Light Expo has helped my business tremendously. It always has such a great cooperative energy, and I'm grateful for how it has helped the exposure of my brand. I can directly attribute new clients resulting from each Gift of Light Expo.
-- Cindy Riggs, Spiritual Consultant, Certified Hypnotherapist
Gift of Light Expo is one of the best Expos I have attended. Kelly takes great pride in her events. She always asks the readers and vendors if there anything she can do to help. I have experienced her fairs for over 10yrs and she always gives 100%. Kelly's events are very well-known in several areas! This show's success speaks for itself.
-- Karen Kenny, Psychic, Medium & Personal Coach
Thanks to Kelly Bowman, I have been a participating vendor/reader in the Gift of Light Expos for approximately a decade. The first time in Columbus, which was wonderful, and since Cleveland, Angels & Aliens and next month Ocean City, MD. I have a wonderful time meeting vendors, new clients, friends and it has always been a great success for me personally as well. Kelly also share her business insights to help individual vendor present in the best light. Kelly is very gifted in many ways (artist, reader, singer) and is able to bring all of that talent to the Expos.
-- KC Matronia proprietor of Phoenix Rising Aromatherapy & Soul Reflections
I have participated in the Gift of Light Expo both in Columbus, OH and Cleveland, OH for 4 years. GOL offers the opportunity not only to be a vendor, but also to be a speaker. I have had great success at GOL and enjoy meeting the other vendors too.
  -- Melinda Carver, Psychic, Tarot Reader and Internet Radio Personality
Not only have you given me my start as a speaker that I was terrified about lol! All of your shows that I have done have been nothing but a blessing. And you personally have been a blessing in my life. I will for sure be a part of the Gift of Light Expos and the Angels and Aliens Expo!
  -- Susan Rawlings, Psychic, Medium, Expert on Alien Life Forms
The Gift of Light Expo's are a success because of all the attention to detail Kelly gives to the event, vendors and attendee's. Kelly has been a great resource and help in the advancement and encouragement of Soul Connections and is much appreciated. The energy at these events is amazing. Becky Ratliff-Soul_Connections Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Development Coach, Speaker, Astrocenter Internet Line Psychic "You are Infinitely Loved"
 I wanted you to know how much I enjoy the Gift of Light Expos. I have watched it grow in attendance into being one of my best financial shows. I currently do 28 shows a year and have always enjoyed how Kelly Bowman runs a show, especially that she does not skimp on advertising .
-- Tom Benedict - Tomstones